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    • fantasy football calendar where all half you had your dreams of a perfect season dashed onto the rocks. We’re already dealing with a bit of a miniature crisis as the tight end position Youth Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , already shallow, took two major blows. The first was a season-ending injury for Delanie Walker, the Titans steady performer. A nasty ankle injury ends his season and, at age 34, may have played his last snap. Walker has been a perennially underrated tight end in real life and in the fake football game we play and while I didn’t have him on any of my teams, this one hurts. The second injury was to our old friend Greg Olsen, who re-fractured his foot on Sunday. Absolutely brutal news for one of the great men in the league. The Panthers have not put him in season-ending IR and appear willing to carry him on the roster in hopes that he can make a recovery. Olsen was able to return last year but he simply wasn’t very effective when on the field. Store him in an IR slot if that’s available to you and see what happens but set your expectations low. Olsen and Walker were in my top 6 in my preseason rankings, so this is a major blow to the position. I lost Olsen in two leagues and replaced him with Jared Cook before the Monday Night game and with Austin Sefarian-Jenkins on a waiver claim. I certainly don’t “trust” either of those two players and I’ll have my eye out for any break out candidates. A few names that might be on your wire that you should consider:Ben Watson: Caught 4 balls for 44 yards back on the Drew Brees offense. You can do worse than catching a piece of that offense.Ricky Seals-Jones: Didn’t do much with his 4 targets, but the Arizona Cardinals are high on this guy.Jonnu Smith: Walker’s replacement for the Titans who had some preseason buzz attached to him. Next man up. Jesse James: The Steelers have a ton of weapons and he’s never been consistent, but that offense has the capability to put up a lot of points. Your turn. Are you pumped about your squad or ready to hit the drop button on the whole team? Questions on start/sit Blue Eddie Goldman Jersey , trades, and streamers, hit up the comments below. Social media, local radio, and fantasy football forums all want to know; where’s Jordan Howard?The Chicago Bears’ 224-pound running back has started all five games so far, and he ranks 23rd in the NFL with 275 yards rushing. He has a 3.5 yards per carry average, and he has 1 touchdown. He also has 10 receptions (no drops by he way) for 78 yards. From a purely production standpoint his numbers are down from his first two seasons. In his first 5 starts as a rookie in 2016, he rushed for 438 yards, with 12 receptions for 121 yards. Last year, he rushed for 328 yards , with 10 catches for 50 yards in his first 5 starts. When you consider he was the focal point of both of those offenses in 2016 and 2017, and just one of many weapons in 2018, those numbers make sense. In my latest T Formation Conversation podcast, I get more in-depth on the Bears’ offense and look at why Howard’s numbers are down, but I also look at where his numbers could be heading as they progress through the 2018 season. Here are a few other numbers that caught my eye. Last year Howard had 92 total touches, and this year he has 88. That’s not as large a disparity that I figured it would be with his numbers down. And here are his playing time percentages so far. Week 1 - 71% at Green BayWeek 2 - 73% vs SeattleWeek 3 - 62% at ArizonaWeek 4 - 54% vs Tampa BayWeek 6 - 51% at MiamiGive the show a listen and let me know what you think about Howard’s usage so far. Also, it’s good to see our Bears’ FanPulse voters are smart football fans. Check out the results to our Bears’ specific question this week.
    • recorded at least one victory so far and can survive September with a .500 record or better. A good fantasy draft can get your team off to a fast start Youth Eric Kush Jersey , but leagues are won and lost on the waiver wire every year. Also, get active in the trade market! If you’ve got a glaring weakness somewhere, look around for a trading partner. A couple of guys really established themselves as legitimate receiving options last week and they square off this Sunday. Tyler Boyd of the Bengals has posted two good weeks in a row and with the Bengals providing a lot of volume in the passing game, I think he’s a safe bet to keep that going. The Bengals travel to Atlanta who just saw rookie Calvin Ridley blow up last week against the Saints for 3 scores. You’re probably not going to get that effort from Ridley again but that’s two straight weeks he has been integral to that offensive attack. With injuries to Keanu Neal and Deion Jones on that Atlanta defense, the Falcons are going to be slinging it around the yard all year. I’m signing off on Boyd and Ridley as WR3 / Flex starts herein with the chance to be in that WR2 range. It’s also interesting to note that as we enter week 4, all 4 of the top rookie signal callers have now won their starting gigs. Sam Darnold won the job out of camp for the Jets and has predictably been up and down on an offense with limited weapons. Baker Mayfield came off the bench to help the Browns win their first game since 2016 against Darnold’s Jets last Thursday , and was named the starter this week. Josh Allen won his second start against the heavily favored Minnesota Vikings in a game that ruined survivor pools for most people (including me). Finally, Josh Rosen entered the game late last week to throw the ball at the Navy and Orange team a couple times as he tried to avoid decapitation by Khalil Mack. My general rule is that rookie QBs aren’t going to be particularly useful so avoid them, particularly when there are plenty of solid choices in established veterans. However, if you’re playing in a 2 QB league or you’re caught flat footed with an injury to Jimmy G, or you’re just looking for some upside, you may be dipping your toe in the water. My preference out of this group is probably Mayfield because I do believe there are good weapons in this offense and he seems fearless to throw the ball down the field. Rosen was my favorite coming out of the draft Adrian Amos Jersey , but they need to shift their offensive philosophy if he’s going to be useful and I don’t think that’s likely. The Cardinals do have a few interesting matchups where they’ll likely be trailing early, which may force them to abandon their conservative approach and sling it. Related: keep an eye out for Christian Kirk. I’m not as sold on Darnold or Allen for this year, but there’s at least a good floor on Allen with his running ability. Again, if you’re dipping your toe into these waters, it’s either out of desperation or curiosity – just don’t get too cute.Finally - I was a guest on the RB1 fantasy podcast this week and got a chance to talk about some start / sit options on a few games including the Bears / Bucs. Take a listen! As always, I can be found @gridironborn on the Twitter for last minute fantasy advice. Your turn – what’s on your mind as we close out September?Chicago Bears Training Camp Recap The Chicago Bears are taking a break from on field practice today down in Bourbonnais Authentic Khalil Mack Jersey , so this was a natural time for us to catch our breath and recap everything that has gone on so far at training camp. In my latest T Formation Conversation podcast (Subscribe now on iTunes for free!), I was joined by WCG’s very own Robert Zeglinski, who has been on the ground at Olivet Nazarene University taking in Bears’ camp first hand. Here’s a brief outline of some of the topics we touched on.Differences in Camp Nagy to Camp FoxKevin White’s potential impactThe receivers in generalThe tight ends and their deploymentJordan Howard’s handsThe offensive line including Cody Whitehair’s shotgun snapsRobert’s favorite subject, Leonard Floyd and who will start opposite him at OLBThe defensive lineThe defensive backsCamp disappointment (You gotta hear Robert’s take on this one!)Camp surprise/starRobert has been killing it with his Bears’ coverage at camp, and he killed it on my show. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts!
    • Statistic and Information System Roquan Smith Jersey , as are the accompanying pictures. What if I told you that the Chicago Bears would out-gain the New England Patriots (453 yards to 381), have more first downs than them (29 to 21), a better third down conversion rate (8 of 16 for 50% to 6 of 13 for 46%), and drop 31 points on their defense while only allowing Tom Brady and the Pats’ offense to rack up 24 points against them?Most of us would take that, but football is a funny game.Even though the Bears did enough on offense and defense to pick up the win, their special teams allowed two touchdowns, and the Bears lost 38-31 to what is probably the best team in the AFC again in 2018. As fans of a young team, our only hope is that they learn how to play a full sixty minute, three phase game at some point. It’s okay to be pissed off that they aren’t able to close these winnable games out, while also being excited for where this team could be once they do figure everything out. Those two feelings aren’t mutually exclusive. The Bears may be 3-3, but they’ve been fun to watch so far this season. If there’s not a light at the end of the rebuilt tunnel, then we’ve got a Phil Emery/Marc Trestman scenario playing out, and I just don’t believe that to be the case. Let’s take a closer look at the playing time break downs for the Bears, and also some individual stats.OFFENSEThis was one of Mitchell Trubisky’s worst games as a pro. He was erratic all day, he was sacked twice, and he threw two interceptions. He was barely over 50% at 26 for 50, with a passer rating of 69.8, but his 333 yards was the second most in his career, and his third straight game over 300 yards. He also had 6 scrambles for 81 yards, including this fantastic touchdown. Trubisky’s top target was tight end Trey Burton, who came down with 9 of 11 targets for 126 yards and a TD. Tarik Cohen was the most targeted with 12 Authentic Allen Robinson Jersey , and he caught 8 for 69 and a TD.Cohen added 14 yards on 6 runs, and a 17 yard punt return. Anthony Miller was targeted 7 times and he hauled in 2 for 35 yards. Taylor Gabriel had 3 receptions for 26 yards. Kevin White — remember him? — caught both of his targets for 64 yards. Allen Robinson II only caught 1 (5 targets) for 4 yards. If Robinson is going to take time off because of his groin injury, I’d like to see White get those reps instead of Josh Bellamy. Jordan Howard had 39 yards rushing on 12 carries, and a TD. Ha also caught 1 ball for a 9 yard gain. After the game head coach Matt Nagy talked about his displeasure with their ground game saying, “Our run game has to get better.”Agreed, but what seems to be the problem?“It’s everybody,” he said via the Chicago Sun Times. “And we just need to figure out how we can do that, what’s best for us identity-wise. And it’s not one person.”I think the problems with the sputtering running game starts with Nagy. The offensive line hasn’t exactly been great as run blockers, but the team hasn’t stuck with the run enough to see. Chicago’s o-line wasn’t flagged once in the game. DEFENSEThe Bears allowed Tom Brady to have a 108.2 passer rating, and the Patriots’ running game to get 4 yards per carry. Too many snaps for Akiem Hicks and a hobbled Khalil Mack, and not enough for speedy Roquan Smith. Hicks ended up with 2 tackles, and Mack had 1. Smith had 5 tackles, a sack and a tackle for loss. Danny Trevathan led the Bears in tackles with 10. Corner Kyle Fuller had 5 tackles, an interception and 2 passes defended. Safety Eddie Jackson also had 5 tackles and also the first penalty (a face mask) of his NFL career. Rookie defensive lineman, Bilal Nichols, had his best day as a pro, while also playing the third most snaps among the d-line. He had 4 tackles, a quarterback hit, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.SPECIAL TEAMSThe players listed above only appeared in the third phase.The Patriots had a Cordarrelle Patterson kick return go for a touchdown, and they also had a blocked punt that they returned for a touchdown. For more on the Patterson TD, check out this Tweet. The 4 punts that Patrick O’Donnell got off went for a 34 yard net average. Kicker Cody Parkey was perfect on the day with a 46 yard field goal and 4 extra points , but he only had 2 kickoffs deep enough for touchbacks. Besides his 2 tackles on defense, Nick Kwiatkoski also had 1 on special teams to go along with a forced fumble that DeAndre Houston-Carson recovered. Other Bears’ recording special teams tackles were Ben Braunecker, Joel Iyiegbuniwe, Josh Bellamy, and Benny Cunningham, who also had 92 yards on 4 kickoff returns. For the full Bears vs. Patriots box score you can check this out, and the game summary can be found here. It has been a weird two week stretch for the Chicago Bears. They went from first to worst and back to first in the NFC North, but from a national perspective, pundits still thought highly of the Bears even after they lost two straight games. I expected them to drop down the Power Rankings after losing to the Dolphins and Patriots, but that didn’t happen. They beat the Jets in convincing fashion without starting outside linebacker Khalil Mack, and starting wide receiver Allen Robinson II, so I wonder if this victory will catapult them up this week’s rankings.Let’s find out...We’l start with the Mothership, SB Nation, and they moved the Bears up to 8 after being just outside the top 10 a week ago at 11.Here’s how our sister site, Bleeding Green Nation, has the Bears this week.Let’s check in on the always comical Pride Of Detroit. There’s no bias in their writing over there...We’ll check out one more SB Nation team site, so here’s how the Mile High Report has it. Here you guys thought you were checking in on NFL Power Rankings, and a comedy show broke out!ESPN dropped the Bears down a spot. The USA Today has it like this. Here’s how the Washington Post has it.Yahoo Sports has the Bears like this.The Sporting News also moved the Bears up a wee bit.The Bears will head to Buffalo this Sunday to take on a bad Bills team in a game that they should win. If they can end the first half of the season at 5-3, they’ll be in a good position to remain in the playoff hunt.
    • Nation FanPulse — a survey of fans across the NFL Youth Roquan Smith Jersey , powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Bears fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.It’s been a while since the Chicago Bears have been in first place in the NFC North, so it’s understandable that us fans are feeling good about our 2-1 Bears. Even though the defense is carrying the team, head coach Matt Nagy has many of us believing the offense will come through at some point. Even if the offense can only make small gains from a week to week basis, their D looks good enough to give them a chance every single game. The latest FanPulse survey did see Bears’ fan’s confidence levels dip a smidge, but only by 2%. Plus our fans are the most confident among all the NFC North fans at 82%.Here’s our our fans have voted this year.Like we did last week, we’ll take a peek at the confidence levels from the other NFC North teams. The Green Bay Packers lost 31-17 last week to the Washington Redskins, and as expected, their fans are feeling the pressure. The Minnesota Vikings got creamed by the Buffalo Bills last week (27 to 6) and their fans have spiraled into panic mode. The 57% drop in confidence from a week ago was the largest drop among all fans. Plus there’s also the Everson Griffen situation the team is dealing with. The biggest gain in confidence came from fans of the Detroit Lions (+48%) after their big win against the New England Patriots. This week’s Bears vs Buccaneers game will be very telling for fans of each team. The Bucs’ fans are riding high with a 93% confidence level, and that’s coming off a loss. What are your thoughts on these results?If you aren’t a part of WCG’s FanPulse, join now!The Bear’s Den, September 7 Youth Eddie Goldman Jersey , 2018 CHECK IT OUTThe Blitz Network is creating Football analysis and commentary - The Blitz Network - WCG’s own Robert Zeglinski, Aaron Leming & Jacob Infante team up with Zack Pearson, Khari Thompson and Adam Hess to offer this new resource for Bears fan. It is subscription based, but it’s dirt cheap and well worth it. Definitely check it out!BEAR DOWN, CHICAGO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!BEARRRSSSS / DRAFT / FREE AGENCYFinley: Tarik Cohen and Taylor Gabriel together? ‘The speed kills mantra, that’s a fact’ - Sun Times - Cohen and Gabriel have spent all offseason yapping at each other about who is faster. They never settled their dispute.Kane: Vic Fangio says Khalil Mack could have ‘domino effect’ on Bears teammates - Chicago Tribune - Vic Fangio said a player like Khalil Mack can create “a domino effect” on the performances of other players, while also noting the Bears’ defensive success is going to rely on much more than one new arrival.Bears-Packers injury tracker: Tight end Daniel Brown is limited - Chicago Tribune - The Bears rested most of their starters the final two preseason games so they could enter Sunday’s season opener against the Packers as healthy as possible.Kane: The 2018 Bears' offense and defense - The good, the bad and the unknown - Chicago Tribune - Over eight months from Jan. 1 to Sept. 1 — the days the Bears fired coach John Fox and acquired outside linebacker Khalil Mack from the Raiders — the Bears have undergone big changes.Rosenbloom: Bears will make the playoffs this season - Chicago Tribune - I'm not much for predictions — BearSSSSS 16-0, my frentSSSSS — but nonetheless, I have the Bears reaching the playoffs this season. Khalil Mack could make a good defense one that ranks in the top five and Matt Nagy's creative offense sounds every bit the opposite of the stink we saw under John Fox.Bears questions and answers - Chicago Tribune - Bears burning questions: Chicago Tribune writers address key issuesPotash: Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio excited about Khalil Mack - Sun Times - “I see a guy I think innately likes to play. Obviously talented,” Fangio said. “I don’t see him doing anything but being a great addition for us."Finley: Bears name three captains, plan to rotate them - Sun Times - The captains for Sunday: quarterback Mitch Trubisky Youth Cody Whitehair Jersey , defensive end Akiem Hicks and special teamer Benny Cunningham.Finley: Bears' Vic Fangio on Roquan Smith - 'At some point you have to put him in there' - Sun Times - Roquan Smith hasn't hasn’t tackled anyone to the ground since he played for Georgia in the national title game.Jahns: Bears safeties Adrian Amos, Eddie Jackson excited for second season together - Sun Times - Safeties Amos and Jackson are starting their second season together.Finley: Bears predictions 2018: Week 1 vs. Packers, season totals - Sun Times - The Chicago Sun-Times’ experts offer their predictions for the Bears’ season-opener at the rival Packers — and their record for the 2018 season.Hughes: Week One - Bears at Packers Game Preview - Da Bears Blog - I always like the Chicago Bears. And, I mean, how can any Bears fan not like the Chicago Bears heading into this 2018 season? The organization has done every single thing they could to build a winning roster. Now they take that roster to the field.Medina: Trey Burton Was the NFL's Best Tight End During the Preseason - Bleacher Nation - PFF loves what Trey Burton did during the preseason. And frankly, so did I.Da Best Fans: Khalil Mack Already in Top 5 of Preseason Jersey Sales - Bleacher Nation - Wow! Bears fans are nuts.Medina: Adrian Amos Has Out-Played His Rookie Deal, But Finding an Extension Comp is Tricky - Bleacher Nation - Adrian Amos has earned a second contract. But what will it look like?Mayer: Chalk Talk: Have Bears selected team captains? - - Senior writer Larry Mayer discusses whether the Bears have chosen their team captains, how playing with a club on his broken hand will affect Leonard Floyd and if the Bears have ever gone fromMayer: Mack's presence adding intrigue to season opener - - The high level of anticipation for Sunday night’s season opener in Green Bay continues to be fueled by the expected Bears debut of All-Pro pass rusher Khalil Mack.Fans weigh in on addition of Khalil Mack - - As part of our Wednesday weigh-in feature, we asked Bears fans to let us know their thoughts on the acquisition of Khalil Mack and how much of an impact he’d make in Sunday night’s season opener. Here’s what they had to say.Week 1 Key Matchups: Bears at Packers - - When the Bears visit the Packers Sunday night, these three key matchups could determine the game, including Bobby Massie dueling with Clay Matthews Jr.NFL Picks 2018 Week 1: Who the experts are taking in Bears vs. Packers - Bears Wire - The experts have no confidence in the Chicago Bears heading into Week 1 against the Green Bay PackersStankevitz: Bears ready to unleash Anthony Miller on Packers, NFL - NBC Sports Chicago - Anthony Miller only played 47 snaps during the preseason, suggesting the Bears may be "hiding" their second-round pick to unleash on the Packers come Sunday.Spiegel: Football Is Back , But Baseball Won't Go Gently - 670 The Score - This is a time on the sports calendar to cherish. Ken's Note: Yes, the start of football season is a time to cherish. Baseball is what we do to waste time until football season arrives.Euirch: Bears vs. Packers Thursday injury report - 247Sports - The Chicago Bears just released their injury report.Bears Week 1 depth chart vs. Packers - 247Sports - Khalil Mack changes the Chicago Bears depth chart for Week 1.Eurich: Khalil Mack trade reactions still churning in for Bears, Packers - 247Sports - The Chicago Bears are still buzzing about Khalil Mack.Eurich: Allen Robinson praised for work in the classroom - 247Sports - Allen Robinson is set to make his regular season debut with the Chicago Bears on Sunday.Eurich: Mitch Trubisky, Akiem Hicks and Benny Cunningham named captains - 247Sports - The Chicago Bears have unveiled their captains for Week 1.Eurich: Bears to manage reps of Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith - 247Sports - The Chicago Bears will be keeping an eye on Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith.Jones: Aaron Rodgers reacts to Bears acquiring Khalil Mack - 247Sports - Aaron Rodgers is ready to face Khalil Mack.Dickerson: Anthony Miller, Chicago Bears rookie wide receiver, predicts big season for team's offense - ESPN - With a new head coach and offensive scheme in Chicago, Bears rookie Anthony Miller believes the team is about to embark upon a "new era."POLISH SAUSAGEFormer Lions DE Anthony Zettel claimed by Cleveland Browns - Pride Of Detroit - The Lions defensive end didn’t make it through waivers.KNOW THY ENEMYMinnesota Vikings: Four bold predictions for the season - Daily Norseman - Will this be the year Cousins throws for 5,000 yards?Packers Week 1 injuries: No progress with Oren Burks’ shoulder - Acme Packing Company - The Packers will probably open the season without third-round linebacker Oren Burks.Raiders’ defensive coordinator defends trading Khalil Mack – ProFootballTalk - Raiders defensive coordinator Paul Guenther didn’t necessarily want to lose one of the best players in the league off his defense, but he understands the reasoning behind his boss Jon Gruden’s decision to trade Khalil Mack.NFL execs and scouts question Raiders compensation, timing of Khalil Mack trade - Silver And Black Pride - What were Jon Gruden and the Raiders thinking? The NFL community brings into question Raiders trade of Khalil Mack.IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ON WINDY CITY GRIDIRONSilence_Dogood: Tailgating Burger Recipes for Week 1 - Windy City Gridiron - Nagy is adding new flavor to the Bears offense... Why not add new flavor to your grill?Berkes: Five Questions with ACME Packing Company - Windy City Gridiron - It’s Packers week and we’ve got questions for our frenemies to the north.Wiltfong & Snyder: Scouting the Bears 10-man practice squad - Windy City Gridiron - In Lester’s latest T Formation Conversation podcast (Subscribe now on iTunes for free), he’s joined by EJ Snyder to get his scouting report on all ten practice squad Chicago Bears.Householder's NFL 2018 Week 1 Game Preview: Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers - Windy City Gridiron - The regular season is HERE and it kicks off for the Bears with their biggest rivalWCG CONTRIBUTORS BEARS PODCASTS & STREAMS2 Minute Drill - Website - iTunes - Andrew Link; Steven’s Streaming – Twitch – Steven Schweickert; T-Formation Conversation - Website - iTunes - Lester Wiltfong, Jr.; WCG Radio - Website - iTunes - Robert ZeglinskiTHE RULESWindy City Gridiron Community Guidelines - - We strive to make our communities open and inclusive to sports fans of all backgrounds. The following is not permitted in comments, FanPosts , usernames or anywhere else in an SB Nation community: Comments, FanPosts or usernames that are intolerant or prejudiced; racial or other offensive epithets; Personal attacks or threats on community members; Gendered insults of any kind; Trolling; Click link for full information.The Bear’s Den Specific Guidelines – The Bear’s Den is a place for Chicago Bears fans to discuss Chicago Bears football, related NFL stories, and general football talk. It is NOT a place to discuss religion or politics or post political pictures or memes, and any posts that do this will be deleted and the poster will be admonished. We do not allow comments posted where the apparent attempt is to cause confrontation in the community. We do not allow gender-directed humor or sexual assault jokes. The staff of WCG are the sole arbiters of what constitutes “apparent attempt to cause confrontation”. 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    • e Buffalo Bills season opener against the Baltimore Ravens went somewhat badly. While a lot has been written about starting quarterback Nathan Peterman Youth Zay Jones Jersey , it takes more than one person playing poorly to lose by...[scans repressed memories]...oh dear God. Please note; the following analysis came from an intent to review whether the receiving options were getting open, or if they were blanketed all game. This discussion will inherently touch upon the offensive line and of course the quarterback making it more of a team analysis. Because of the nature of this review, completed passes are pretty much ignored (one exception). The reason being that with a completed pass there is an assumption of “someone was open enough.” Play 1Nathan Peterman has a couple of good options and he looks like he’ll pull the trigger. Unfortunately he doesn’t trust anyone enough and pulls the ball back down. There’s likely a little more time if he hangs back instead of stepping into the sack as well. Play 2From what we see, this was intended to be a quick timing pass. The first read is open and Peterman fires it in that direction. Since we’re evaluating the team more globally, had there been more time to develop the play, the line has Peterman protected quite well. At least two other receiving targets came open. There’s quite a bit to like on this snap believe it or not. Play 3The graphics tell most of the story for this play. Kelvin Benjamin is the intended target. While he’s “open” at the end of the play, his route was disrupted quite a bit leading to the incompletion. To defend Peterman, he needs to throw this and trust Benjamin gets to his spot. By the time Benjamin’s route gets blown up it’s too late to decide. We set out to review the ability of the receiving options to get open so let’s finish the play. Every other skill player is open at some point, which, again, means there’s more to like than a first glance suggests. (However, if you look closely one player probably wasn’t going to make the catch.)Play 4Evaluating everyone, the protection holds up again. Three receiving options are in great position to make plays, with a fourth potentially open (Kelvin Benjamin). The pass is delivered to the receiver that’s most covered by the defense and the result is an incompletion. Play 5Since we’re all about rubbing salt in our wounds let’s answer our question in truly heartbreaking fashion. Peterman scans the field and again has decent protection. Not liking what he sees, Peterman throws to his wide open safety valve Jeremy Kerley. Meanwhile White Stephen Hauschka Jersey , Robert Foster’s afterburners force questions of “what if?” Play 6There are several potential receivers who come open during this play. For the graphic I’ve highlighted the two that are in the area Peterman honed in on. Benjamin has a little contact with the defender which slows him down. The throw isn’t even necessarily a bad option as Benjamin was acquired to win situations such as this one. To come back to the original focus, it’s easy to see that Jason Croom was open. Play 7The graphic suggests utter failure on the part of Peterman but that shouldn’t be the main takeaway. The GIF is there to answer our question and, undeniably, receivers were open. Jeremy Kerley is a little animated about how open he was in fact. Unlike many of the plays above, the line rapidly breaks down. If the play was designed to have Peterman scan left to right he didn’t have time to progress through his reads to reach Kerley.Against the Ravens, Peterman had 13 incompletions, six of which are highlighted here. I could have kept recording but at this point the original purpose of the analysis has already been answered. The skill positions actually didn’t do badly at all, with plenty of open targets. Play 8To stress that the goal wasn’t to slam Nathan Peterman, here’s a Josh Allen play with similar results. At various times during the play, no less than three receivers are open. Allen has good protection with over three seconds to throw the ball. Allen missed opportunities as well. Play 9One more. The defensive pass interference bails out Josh Allen. Like the Peterman toss above on Play 7, it’s hard to fully blame the quarterback here. Benjamin is supposed to go win these battles. Also like Peterman though, other options were present and the answer remains “yes.” Receivers were getting open. When you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Buffalo Bills tell us to hold their beer. The Bills fell on their collective faces, once again, getting run out of their own building by the surging Chicago Bears.It should be a surprise to no one that all there is this week is stock downs White Jerry Hughes Jersey , except for one notable exception.Stock Down: LeSean McCoyIt is never easy to see great players as they start a slide to the end of the line. As we all know, the drop off for running backs can be swift and it has been so this year for McCoy. This may be a bit harsh considering how awful the offense is as a whole, but Chris Ivory is able to get yardage, whereas McCoy’s dancing style isn’t ideal for this offense. Stock Down: Dion DawkinsIt was a game to forget for the second-year pro and Mack didn’t even play. Dawkins was getting beat, had a leg-whip penalty and did a poor job opening up running lanes for McCoy, Ivory, and company. Penalties are starting to become an issue for Dawkins, which is something he can hopefully clean up. Otherwise, the trade of Glenn everyone praised this last offseason, will go down as a mistake. Stock Down: Jordan PoyerThis may be controversial because Poyer has quickly become a fan favorite. But he got trucked by Howard on a TD run and was invisible for most of the game. For such a fiery individual, the state of the season can’t be easy for Poyer to deal with, but as a team leader and someone the fans look to, his body language and play has to be better. Stock Down: Pass CatchersThose talking heads to simply look at box scores to form opinions, will throw the blame for this game at the feet of Peterman, but the players who get paid to catch the ball didn’t do the Pittsburgh product any favors against Da Bears. On Peterman’s first INT , Pryor couldn’t bring in a pass over the middle and the resulting tip was hauled in for a turnover. With the game still a game, Croom fumbled following a short catch and Eddie Jackson scooped up the loose ball for a 65-yard TD return.Peterman’s second INT, came when Kyle Fuller smashed into Zay Jones (legally unfortunately), which resulted in a tipped pass, which Leonard Floyd returned for another defensive score. The final blow, when it sort of mattered, was when the “tall and strong” Kelvin Benjamin dropped a 4th down pass in the end zone. Simply put, Peterman didn’t play great, but his pass catchers did absolutely nothing to help him out. Stock up: Tre’Davious WhiteTeams simply aren’t throwing at the standout corner and for good reason. On one of the few times Trubisky threw in his vicinity, White got an INT. White won’t have stats to make him a Pro Bowl contender, but that is because he doesn’t get thrown at. In a season that is spiraling quickly down the toilet, week in and week out White provides something positive for Buffalo fans.
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