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undergarments making machines price

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GD-NJ08 Sportwear Underwear Seamless Knitting Machine has been studied by our company for two years,with experience&technique in producing the model GD-SNj08 and GD-SNJ12. This Seamless Making Machine has been innovated and upgraded on the basis of the previous version and it can atuomatic knit terry and tuck stitch besides the great function of fleecy and jacquard. It can produce various garment fabric mainly including underwear,outerwear swimwear,sportwear and health fabric.

Technical Features:
Number of needle:GROZ
Control Program:IC researched by ourselves controls all of the output, and receives program and data by USB
Broken yarn induction:totally 64 photoelectric yarn inductions
Driving system:The servomotor is driven by timing belt wheels
Compressed air:under 6 Mpa ,50L/minute
Absorbed air:10M3
Maximum speed : 80-100rpm
Number of needle:960.1056.1152.1248.1344.1440.1536……
Needle selextor:16 level,WAC or BENZ
Loop-forming device:Adopt stepper motor to control ,and adjust the stitch density fast .Density code tray is adopted cam researched by ourselves,have the leading domestic level
Take down: 2 blower or central blower equipment
Yarn feeders: 1 yarn feeders per feed,and there is a elastic yarn feeders for 2 and 6
Pressure: -0.8Mpa
Size:2450*3000*2800mm(L*W*H)undergarments making machines price

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