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Colts vs Redskins: Week two snap counts While it would be unwise to draw any major conclusions from just two weeks worth of football , there are certainly some patterns starting to emerge in terms of playing time. The Colts had a much more successful outing against the Redskins, and there are some interesting things to be gleaned from the breakdown of snaps, so lets take a look at them and see what we can discover.Offense#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercentNotesAs was the case last week, the Colts had an entire game with the same lineup of offensive linemen played from start to finish. The interior of the line, Nelson, Kelly, and Slauson have done pretty well, and made it easier on Haeg and Clark on the outside. No doubt the line has received help from tight ends and schematically, but continuity is not something the Colts have had in recent memory, and they have been getting some degree of it this season so far.Speaking of help from the tight ends, Jack Doyle played 59 offensive snaps on Sunday. If that surprised you, you aren’t alone. Doyle was largely a non-factor in the game from a passing perspective, pulling in just two receptions for 20 yards. He was used quite a bit in pass protection.One area of some concern is a look at the total offensive snaps. Last week there were 82. This week? 61. The Colts have to gain a level of consistency sustaining longer drives.Eric Ebron was in on just 17 snaps in this game. I cannot explain this. Ebron has caught 7 of 8 targets for 77 yards and two touchdowns through two games. Reich is too smart a coach to not involve Ebron in the game Womens Margus Hunt Jersey , so I have to assume that it has a lot to do with helping the offensive line. Hopefully if we get Castonzo back healthy, Ebron’s involvement will increase.Marlon Mack had 18 offensive snaps compared with 24 for the rookies Hines and Wilkins. Based on what I saw, he looked like a guy who wasn’t completely healthy, and lacked the burst and explosiveness that make him a real threat. Defense#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercentNotesMalik Hooker seems to have convinced the coaching staff that he doesn’t need any kind of pitch count, because he played all 74 defensive snaps. That is great to see.Despite both Hooker and Geathers playing all the defensive snaps, Matthias Farley still managed to get in on 29 snaps himself. That’s a little surprising, but definitely a smart move. It’ll take watching the All-22 for me to see exactly what role Farley played, but getting those three on the field together makes sense. Jihad Ward got in on 34 defensive snaps despite just being brought up from the practice squad. This probably had to do with Ridgeway leaving the game early, but given that Ward got a sack in that short time, it is notable.Pierre Desir was on the field for 56 defensive snaps this week, which is 56 more than last week. With Quincy Wilson in concussion protocol and dealing with a broken hand, we might see Desir getting more snaps going forward as well.There were 5 defensive players who played on every defensive snap. 4 of them are first or second year players, and they took part in an impressive defensive performance.Special Teams#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent#PlayerPositionOffensive SnapsPercentDefensive SnapsPercentSpecial Teams SnapsPercent Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is expected to return to the starting lineup on Sunday at Indianapolis. But he has still not fully participated in practice due to a lingering problem in his right (throwing) shoulder.Tannehill was limited again today Youth Joe Haeg Jersey , according to the team’s official injury report.Of course, “limited” technically applies even if the quarterback takes one less than all of the first-team reps. And given that the Dolphins and coach Adam Gase were fined $30,000 and $15,000, respectively, for listing Tannehill as fully participating in a Thursday practice when he actually didn’t (because he didn’t take all of the first-team reps), the Dolphins could be deliberately having Tannehill sit for one rep and list him as limited, like the Patriots did for years with Tom Brady, who was chronically listed as probable with a right shoulder injury.In all, 17 names appear on the Thursday injury report for the Dolphins, with eight players listed as limited.

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