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Authentic LeSean McCoy Jersey

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Since his arrival in Buffalo Authentic Dion Dawkins Jersey , LeSean McCoy has been the face of the offense for the Buffalo Bills. This season has been a massive disappointment. Through eight games, McCoy has failed to log a touchdown or break the 100-yard mark in a game. Against the New England Patriots he delivered just 13 yards on twelve carries. I don’t think we need to crunch the numbers on his yards-per-attempt for that one.So what’s the deal? Has he lost a step or thirty? Is Brian Daboll to blame? The offensive line? As a certain coach might say, let’s look at the tape to see what’s happening. We’ll focus on carries as that’s the area most drastically changed from years’ past. Play 1 (Gain of 12 yards)A direct snap to LeSean McCoy fools no one. The offensive line still manages to open a lane and McCoy decisively cuts in. Elandon Roberts (52) is too aggressive and shoots past the gap. McCoy’s initial move and speed gets a nice chunk of yards before Roberts can correct his mistake. Regarding Shady, his speed and acceleration look fine on this play. Play 2 (Gain of 1 yard)It’s another direct snap to Shady and the entire Bills offense moves in the same direction to block. The Patriots still aren’t fooled and they all move in the same direction too. Roberts shows more discipline this time and no lanes develop for McCoy. Play 3 (Loss of 3 yards)The line opens up a narrow lane for LeSean McCoy that likely leads to a very modest gain. Not liking what he sees, McCoy jumps to the outside only to find a worse situation. The little dance costs him three yards as Keionta Davis (58) slips his block to make a shoestring tackle. Play 4 (Loss of 3 yards)This negative play has a very simple explanation. As soon as Derek Anderson takes off to the side of the field, every single defender knows it’s a run play. At the snap they attack McCoy and a poor block leads to a loss of three yards. Play 5 (Gain of 1 yard)The Patriots (and everyone else) have relied on single coverage for Buffalo’s receivers and loaded up defenders against the run—it’s been effective. McCoy shows off some change of direction agility but it’s all for naught. There’s no good direction to go. Part of the issue on this and other plays is the offensive formation. With no one out wide on the right side of the formation it compresses the field for defenses who are already stacking the box. At the snap everyone sees run, and defenders who may have been nominally covering a receiver or tight end are already in the pile. Play 6 (Gain of 4 yards)A stacked box leads to no lanes once again. Jordan Mills can’t hold his block long enough and McCoy finds himself in a footrace to the sidelines. McCoy manages to pick up four yards as a result of his acceleration and speed. Another quarter-second on the block from Mills and this run has the potential to move the sticks. Play 7 (Gain of 2 yards)McCoy is decisive hitting the sole lane he has open. Once there he finds what looks like the entire Patriots defense waiting for him. The Patriots act unconcerned about what Derek Anderson brings to the table and have yet again sold out to stop McCoy. Teams have generally not been any more concerned about Josh Allen or Nathan Peterman.Play 8 (Loss of 5 yards)The Bills have plenty of blockers in front of this play. Somehow they all miss and McCoy is hit by what amounts to a free rusher. What’s worse is that you can see a large lane open up after the play is already decided. One more block and who knows how far this goes. Play 9 (Gain of 6 yards)It wasn’t just the Patriots who stacked the box. Single coverage on receivers has been the norm this year with extra defenders looking to stop McCoy and Chris Ivory. Some quick cuts from McCoy lead to a nice gain on this play. In conclusionMcCoy isn’t 100% of the player he used to be, for sure. On the Tennessee Titans play he shows off some wiggle, but he’s not as consistently slippery as years past. With little to no respect for the quarterback carousel in Buffalo, teams have had more resources to shut down McCoy. Play designs aren’t always inspiring as Daboll draws some up that compress the field for the running game. Blocking is inconsistent at best. There’s an argument that Shady McCoy has lost a step. There’s also an argument that he’d be a play-maker in a different offense.2019 NFL Draft Season Preview: Defense With the college football season imminently approaching, it’s never to early to look ahead to the 2019 NFL Draft and explore which position groups are deepest Authentic LeSean McCoy Jersey , and which players are worth watching, focusing on the defensive side of the ball. This year’s defensive line class has the potential to be one of the best in quite some time, while the secondary group lacks depth outside of a few very well known prospects.Defensive TackleOn CBS Sports’ rankings, there are currently five defensive tackles ranked within the top thirteen prospects, which gives you a sense of how talented this position group truly is. Houston’s Ed Oliver is the main attraction: he has the quickness of Aaron Donald and the strength of a player 20 pounds heavier. He’s a top-five lock. Michigan’s Rashan Gary is an end/tackle hybrid that hasn’t yet reached his massive potential but can play up and down the defensive line. Clemson sports two elite tackles in Dexter Lawrence and Christian Wilkins, with Lawrence having the higher ceiling of the two. Per usual, Alabama features an NFL caliber lineman in Raekwon Davis, who will likely make a bigger name for himself as the year goes on. The wild card of the group though is Jeffery Simmons of Mississippi State. He flashed some dominant tape in last year but needs to show more consistency this year. All of the above players are likely to be first round picks and that’s only scratching the surface. This is a rare group.Edge RusherThough not quite as stacked as the previous group, this year’s group of edge rushers has plenty of time to improve their reputation. Ohio State’s Nick Bosa appears to be a more athletic version of his brother Joey, and will likely be drafted higher than Joey because of it. Clemson’s Clelin Ferrell has Shaq Lawson’s size but also a quicker get-off and longer arms. Then there is Miami’s Joe Jackson, who is primed for a breakout year along with the rest of the Hurricane’s defense. A player I’ll be watching closely is Josh Allen’s former teammate at Wyoming , Carl Granderson. The senior has the size, speed and wingspan of a dominant college player, but needs to put it all together this year.LinebackerA solid class overall so far, there will be a linebacker that suites every defensive coordinator’s taste. If you’re looking for a franchise middle linebacker look no further than LSU’s Devin White or Notre Dame’s Te’von Coney. If you want outside linebacker that can cover and shut down outside runs, Kentucky’s Josh Allen, UB’s Khalil Hodge, or Michigan’s Devin Bush are more than capable. It will also be interesting to see if Alabama linebacker Mack Wilson can steal the show from his sophomore counterpart, Dylan Moses.SafetyThere’s still plenty of time of players to emerge out of this year’s safety class, but so far it is one that lacks depth. Having said that, the class seems to be stacked with free safety-type ballhawks in the secondary, starting with Boston College’s Lukas Denis. Denis is an ideal centerfielder in the mold of Earl Thomas or Jairus Byrd , coming down with seven interceptions in 2017. Miami’s Jaquan Johnson also seems to have a knack for turnovers, with four interceptions to go along with three forced fumbles last year. Up in Washington, the Huskies have JoJo McIntosh, who at 6’1” 205 pounds loves to come downhill against the run and punish runners. CornerbackSimilar to safety, the corner class is a bit of an unknown quantity. What is known is that LSU’s Andraez “Greedy” Williams and Georgia’s Deandre Baker will be competing all season for the title of “Best College Cornerback.” Outside of those two, Julian Love for Notre Dame is a smart, technically sound player that is under-hyped at this point in time and Michael Jackson has the size teams want in their outside press corners (6’1”). Other prospects, like Duke’s Mark Gilbert and Ohio State’s Kendall Sheffield, are getting a fair share of good press, but judgement should be withheld until they prove they can handle full seasons as starting corners.

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